Legend Of Tea

nan sann

Nan Sann was established in Myanmar years 1227, Nataw (Between December and January) , Firday , Now it is 144 yers old the mountains and tea plantation everywhere are the beautiful scenes of Nan Sann. Since age old, tea-plating is the main business of that town.

tea leaf

In 536 Myanmar years, coronated King Narapate Sithau dropped in Malarya island with the Buddha relics and botree (Banyan) seeds from Siho carried by Mahakathapa Mon and got the fragrant Sagarthar wood and Nilavizanat seed there. He had the sagarthar wood cut in nine parts and curved as a Buddha image. Then he made the missionary, building the pagodas, maintaining Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda and renovating the height of pagodas together with Palany ethnic.

tealeaf season

Tealeaf season is in April. From the last week of March to water festival period (April) is called Shwepe (not rainy season), 45 days, and tea leaves are planted on those days. The tealeaf before the rain fall period are the best and the most valuable.

nan sann tea leaf

Tea leaves in Nan Sann are the best qualities. Among them, Za Yann and Ho Chaung kinds are the best in Nan Sann. Nan Sann has both sandy soil and salty soil so the tealeaves that are grown on sandy hilly region are the best. The first sweet dry tea leaves factory was built in 1939 by Bon Bay Burma Trading Company and sweet dry tea leaves were specially exported to England for Elizabeth Queen. Because the sweet dry tea leaves from that region are special ones. Nowadays, people suffer from the side effect of chemical ingredients we known that inedible chemical ingredients can harm our health. So Saw Mo Tealeaves are manufactured without using any kinds of chemical ingredients for the ones who like Myanmar tealeaves.

The same nature green chilies are selected systematically and desiccated under the sun. After getting dry, the chilies are grinded and mixed with the tealeaves proportionally 1. That makes the consumers healthy. Chemical ingredients are not used for the acidity but squeezed lime juice is used to enjoy the original flavor and taste. For the health of consumers, the genuine refined ground nut oil is used. Then salt and seasoning powder are preserved with the tea leaves properly. 2. For the Saw Mo plain tea leaves properly. After that put then into the bottle to make the customers satisfied.

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